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Solar Array on the Capped Landfill

Solar Array on the Capped Landfill

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Construction Completed

Wellfleet has built a solar photovoltaic (PV) array on the capped landfill.  After issuing a Request for Proposals (RFP) and receiving three proposals, the town has decided to enter into negotiations with Ameresco for an energy services contract to design, obtain permits, construct, operate, maintain and decommission a 1.2 Megawatt array of 2400 panels on top of the landfill.

The photos below are courtesy of Ameresco and represent the state of construction in early November 2019.

From North

Ameresco has built, owned and operated at least twelve solar PV landfill projects for municipal customers in Massachusetts.

From East

The array will meet and exceed the town’s electric requirements.  The town will also receive lease payments for the use of the site, payment in lieu of taxes, and electricity at a reduced rate for net savings to the town of about $60,000 per year for twenty years or $1.2 million over the life of the program.

From  West

The array conforms to the zoning bylaw on the warrant for the upcoming town meeting (Article 42).  It will meet or exceed the 100-foot setback requirement from the town property line.  The array itself makes no noise and the electrical equipment will operate quietly and make less noise than two people in a normal conversation would make at a distance of ten feet.  

From South

The array will face south towards the transfer station, so there will be no glare for abutting houses.

The project milestones are:

Complete 30% design – May 2018

  • Present to Wellfleet Residents/HomeownersJuly 27 2018 (Done)
  • Execute a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) & Lease – June 2018 (Done)
  • Submit Interconnection Application – June 2018 (Approved)
  • Obtain Local Permits (submitted to planning board June 2018, approved September 2019)
  • Obtain MASS DEP Permits – July – November 2018 (Done)
  • Obtain Interconnection Agreement – November 2018 (Done)
  • Solar Incentive Application – November 2018 (Done)
  • Acceptance into the Solar Incentive Program – September 2019 (Done)
  • Final Design – September 2019 (Done)
  • Construction – October 2019 (done)
  • Eversource Interconnect (Awaiting Land Court Title Clearance)

  • Commercial Operation – 1’st quarter 2020

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