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Agenda April 13 2020

April meeting of the Energy and Climate Action Committee will be held on
Monday, April 13 at 7:00 PM via Zoom Video Conference in
accordance with the temporary suspension and enhancement of the Open
Meeting Law requirements by Governor Baker. Instructions for a Zoom
video conference meeting which also allows phone dial-in are given below.
• Review and Approval of Minutes of previous meetings
• Request for future agenda topics of the committee
• Joint actions with Truro committees
• Review of implications of new pending state legislation
• Energy/Building Standards for new regional High School
• Electric Car Promotion
• Discussion and Review of Grant Application Proposals
• Global Covenant of Mayors status and actions
· Committee Liason
• Status of PV array on landfill
• Effort for consolidation of billing from town meters
• Old Business
• New Business
The Wellfleet Energy and Climate Action Committee invites you to a scheduled committee meeting
via Zoom. New users of Zoom should test out the software before the meeting.

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