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June 9, 2020 – Joint Meeting with Truro and Orleans

  • Review and Approval of Minutes of previous meetings
  • Request for future agenda topics of the committee
  • Joint actions with Truro committees
  • Discussion of 5-year Energy Plan
  • Review of implications of new pending state legislation
  • Discussion and Review of Grant Proposal Status
  • Global Covenant of Mayors status and actions
  • Committee Liaison
  • Status of PV array on landfill
  • Effort for consolidation of billing from town meters
  • Collaboration with the CCC where possible. Further discussion
  • regarding the new high school and how to move the project to be net zero.
  • Discussion of the film “Planet of the Humans”, a movie produced by Michael Moore and also the mini-series on Netflix called “Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates”.
  • Outer Cape Energize update and further possible action steps.
  • Discussion regarding workshops and training with builders or other education opportunities regarding net zero building. How to develop web resources for this time by creating a virtual tour of net zero homes.
  •  Old Business
  •  New Business

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