Update on the Status of the Solar Array for the Capped Landfill

The Energy Committee and Ameresco have been moving forward with the solar PV array.

The Select Board voted unanimously to approve the project and voted to hold a Special Town Meeting to approve three articles relating to the lease, a power purchase agreement, and a power purchase agreement.  They also voted to grant Ameresco access to the site until the lease is finalized.

On June 28, 2018, Ameresco submitted a Site Use Permit Application under the joining bylaw passed as part of the Green Communities Act for an expedited approval process for solar PV projects.

The Finance and Energy committees voted unanimously to recommend the three town meeting articles.  

Town Meeting voted to approve all of the three articles. Two of the votes were unanimous, one had a single nay vote.

The town submitted a post closer permit application provided by Ameresco.  This extensive application of over one hundred pages, details how the landfill will be protected during construction and operation of the solar array.  The Department of Environmental Resources after a two-month review by technical experts has approved a Post Closure Permit for the project at the capped landfill.

Eversource, after a two-month review, has approved the interconnection of the proposed array to the electric grid.

The planning board has yet to hold a meeting on the merits of the Site Plan Review Application.


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